Fighting EX Layer : Mise à jour 1.1.1 [Patch Note]


Quelques correctifs pour accompagner la sortie du jeu sur PC.

Arika envoie son Fighting EX Layer sur PC demain, le 29 novembre. Cette nouvelle mise à jour sera bien sûr déjà installée sur la version PC, alors que cette dernière sera mise en place sur Playstation 4 le 30 novembre. Rappelons que Sharon, Terry Bogard ainsi qu’Area sont les trois personnages prévus en DLC pour mi-décembre. Ce nouveau patch ajoute de nouveaux logos, plusieurs langues supportées dont le français, nombreuses corrections de bugs, quelques ajustements de personnages et les Gougis ont été mis à jour. Voici les notes de mise à jour de la version 1.1.1 de Fighting EX Layer :

New Additions

-When losing to the CPU, a [YOU LOSE] logo was added. -When beginning an ONLINE match, a [YOU] marker is now displayed over your character. (Not every round) -In Network Settings or Room Search, the option [Same Territory Only] was removed. (Steam version only) -When inputting a Search Code or Password for a Casual Match, an Input Interface will be displayed. (Steam version only) -Support for 10 languages was added to the in-game descriptions. -Set Menus, Options, and some other parts will remain in the English Alphabet. Supported Languages: Japanese, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Arabian, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

Bug Fixes and Balance Adjustments

-Fixed an issue where getting hit by Blaire’s Sliding Arrow while performing a moving attack would cause her to teleport to the opponent and throw them regardless of distance. -Fixed an issue where it was possible to fulfill the [Hit your opponent with a Dashing Move] activation requirement in an unintended manner. -Fixed an issue where Rosso’s Counter did not work on certain moves. -Fixed an issue where jumping immediately before getting hit by the last hit of Spin Side Shoot would not activate the Hit Grab animation. -Fixed an issue when playing as Garuda vs Skullomania where teching an airgrab would cause them to switch places. -Fixed an issue where it was possible to connect with a Counter move after blocking an attack that stays active for a long time. -Balanced the BGM volume when opening the Pause Menu. -Fixed an issue where there was no leg hurtbox during Batting Hero. -Fixed a rare issue while Hades is active where under certain conditions your opponent became unable to move. -Fixed an issue where the CPU would occasionally fail to rise in Training Mode. -Adjusted the camera during Jack’s forward throw. -Fixed an issue where it possible to combo st.FP into cr.MK in certain situations (Blaire, Sanane, Pullum). -Fixed an issue where Chain Combos would miss on a Skullomania’s crouching hurtbox (Hayate’s crHP would whiff). -Fixed an issue where certain special moves would whiff on a crouching Shadowgeist’s crouching hurtbox. -Fixed an issue where an unintended lingering hurtbox remained during Jack’s forward jump. -Fixed an issue where stand blocking a Hard Attack would cause chip damage (D.Dark, Shadowgeist, Jack). -Adjusted the frame data of Shadowgeist’s stMK.

Gougi Changes

Hunting Dash -Activation conditions changed to [Perform 15 Attacks from a Dash.] -Now performed by inputting Down -> Up. -The properties of the Hunting Dash have been changed. -Using Hunting Dash now costs 25 Super Meter. (Will not work if you have less than 25 Meter). Teleport -Activation conditions changed to [Dash for a total of 4 seconds]. -Now performed by inputting Down -> Up-Forward or Down -> Up to teleport in front of your opponent, and Down -> Up-Back to teleport above them. -The startup motion has been slightly sped up. (11 frames -> 7 frames) -The range of the teleport has been lengthened. Ghost -Activation conditions changed from avoid contact with the opponent for 6 Seconds -> 12 Seconds. -The time you stay invisible has been lowered from 90 frames -> 60 frames. Utsusemi -The time you stay invisible has been lowered from 90 frames -> 60 frames.

Other Adjustments

-Update to the Gougi descriptions. (Shinobi, Hunting Dash, Teleport) -Allen’s Expert Mode Challenge #16 has been changed. -The command for Skullomania and Shadowgeist’s taunt has been changed. (The command list has been updated) -The CPU’s use of Hunting Dash has been updated. (They will not perform it if they do not have meter) -Added a visual cue to mark 50% of a Super Meter gauge. Fighting EX Layer est disponible demain sur PC et est déjà disponible sur Playstation 4.


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